Company History

Company History

  • 2003-03

    Guangzhou DOOWON Steel Co.,LTD was Established

  • 2004-12

    Completion of Business Works(Ground 49.146m2)

  • 2005-05

    Finished Installation of Electro Galvanized Steel Producction Equipments and Official Production(200,000 ton per year)

  • 2007-11

    Passed the ISO 9001:2000 AND iso 14001:2004 Certificate,Developed eco-friendly antifingerprint & no-treatment product(with conductivity)

  • 2010-05

    The Small Shearing & Slitting Line completed and put into operation,Annual processing 150,000 tons

  • 2011-07

    Passed the"JIS", "JISG3313" certificate

  • 2012-07

    Increase annual productivity to 360,000 tons through production line improvement

  • 2016-08

    The reclaimed water reuse workshop was reconstructed,and the reclaimed water reuse rate reached 65%~70%

  • 2017-03

    Successful R&D new products black resin steel plate and wire drawing steel plate

  • 2020-03

    Ongoing IATF16949

  • 2020-12

    Change of shareholders, from a foreign-funded enterprise to a domestic-funded enterprise

  • 2021-06

    Establishment of CPC Guangzhou DOOWON Steel Co.,LTD Branch committee

  • 2021-09

    Introduced CNC sheet uncoiling and leveling flying shear(large Shearing)line equipment and put into production

  • 2022-01

    The industrial and commercial registration of Guangzhou DOOWON Steel Co.,LTD. was changed to  DOOWON Precision Technology Co.,LTD